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Re: Nice enough but unconvincing and expensive

DJF77 wrote:

I think people are simply pointing out the OP's post is way off of what other more respected reviewers would score, thus why there is a slight whiff of Trollism.

And you get to decide who is respected and to what end? Good to know.

Even if you had written the review yourself Mr Thorne I could still not have given yourself any credibility (even if you gave 5 stars etc), that's the point. These nobody reviews do not serve any purpose and are not really helpful for people wanting real reviews from people who know what they are talking about.

I am positive you would not have attacked the poster of a 5 star thread. Don't kid yourself and don't think that other people can not see clearly what you think is so cleverly veiled. Why don't you type up a list of "respected" reviewers and explain to all of us why their opinions should be the only ones that count?

I shouldn't have to teach you to understand the basics and why said camera is not performing for you, but I will suggest a couple of things to help you on your photographic journey. Looking at your snaps I would recommend

You don't have the prerequisite skills to teach me anything boy, and your lousy communication skills as well as inability to argue analytically and actually engage in productive discussion vs troll,flame, and insult and accuse people belies your lack of education and intellect.

1. Composition, I think you would benefit from a book called 'the photographers eye' it's fantastic; failing that a workshop may be helpful tot yourself

Funny how you see this discussion going towards a review of my own photography when that is not the topic, nobody has asked you for your opinion, and you still have not figured out that your ad hominem attacks clearly expose you. Many people like those photos, and I am positive that some don't, but of all the comments they have received, you are the first to really want to use them negatively.

While I would not lower myself to your tactics of deflection and ignoring reason and logic in an argument about allowing people's opinions, both good and bad, to be heard without ridicule from fanboys like yourself, I was curious about the guy who thinks he knows who is credible and who is not, and who, ironically, feels he himself is the authority to judge other's work and offer them criticism not requested and off the topic of the thread, so I checked your gallery. To my surprise, nothing. Want to share a link to your flickr maybe, or somewhere you host your fine art?

2. Lay off the Vignette slider, it's too much.

I like it. That is your opinion though, so you are entitled to it.

Most importantly have fun and take pictures

Awesome, you too. Where are some of yours?

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