PLease Help - Need Canvas 9.0.4 alternative

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Re: The answer to your uncle's prayers -- I hope

Hen3ry wrote:

All versions of Canvas require Rosetta which that great and caring (for his own fortune and the other shareholders) leader, Steve Jobs, made an arbitrary decision to cut out after X.6.8. According to reports, the engineers had actually begun work on it but …

I do not think that Apple ever intended for Rosetta to be anything more than a temporary transition tool.  There have been several of those, for the PowerPC, Mac OS X, and Intel transitions.  The 68K emulator lasted "forever", but for part of that time, Mac OS used the emulator to run parts of itself!

More than a little of the responsibility for the current situation belongs to the Canvas vendor(s).  Apple didn't announce Intel machines one day, ship them with Rosetta the next, and drop Rosetta on the third day.  Rosetta support was around for years.  For all of this time, it was crystal-clear to developers that the future was Intel chips.  Yet from the sounds of things, the developers never came out with an Intel or Universal version.

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