Canon SELPHY CP900 Defect

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Re: Love To Hear From Other CP900 Owners

gipper51 wrote:

gipper51 wrote:

John Conte wrote:

I would love to hear from other CP900 owners whether they have this problem or not. I posted on Amazon and one other person has reported the same exact problem. Also, has this been an issue with the CP800 in the past? Seems like it would be the same printing engine and they both use the same Ink&Paper kits.

I just purchased this printer this evening. Mine has the exact same issue, on the left side of the print (in landscape). I'm printing from Photoshop CS6 via wi-fi.

Following up on this, I found something that seems to help. If I go directly into the menu system on the printer itself (not the menu on your PC) and change the default the border setting from "Borderless" to "Bordered" it gets rid of the line. Even if I then print border-less out of Photoshop the line is gone.

For some reason having the default setting in the printer's menu was causing this. I've made half a dozen prints and the line has not come back, before every one of them had it. It's weird but I'm happy it's gone!

Errr... I just got the printer and yes it does have the line in every photo, and no, setting it to bordered doesn't seem to help.

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