How to explore Leica glass on a Nex 7

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Re: How to explore Leica glass on a Nex 7

larousse87 wrote:

Thank you all for your comments, insightful as always.

While it seems that 35mm might be, as one person comments "the dividing line" for Leica lenses on the Nex 7, and is the consensus--on this thread--most versatile lens, the 50 lux does get spectacular reviews. And I guess for me, unlike many of the veterans and pros on this forum who have long honed their tastes and imaging styles, I could change my favorite shooting lens if I were convinced that it would deliver the results I crave.

I'm particularly taken by a photographer like Ming Thein, whose images here (albeit with a 50 cron asph, at twice the price of the lux) are really special in my opinion. I'm not going to spend 14K USD on a Leica M9 + 50mm 1.4 Cron right now, but surely this quality can be approached with my Nex 7. I mean...can it? (Jefanator, I hear you, but couldn't we get close with the right lenses and skill set?).

As we've pointed out, a 50 mm lens on the NEX is not comparable to a 50 mm lens on the FF M9. That's why we suggested that you figure out which focal length would be most useful to you. But it sounds like you've made up your mind, so go for it. If for some reason it doesn't work out for you, you'll always be able to resell the 50 Lux with minimal loss in relation to its price.

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