D7100 dust or oil on sensor?

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Re: D7100 dust or oil on sensor?

jtan163 wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

jtan163 wrote:

Thanks for all the people who have taken the time to reply with useful information.

I hope the reported problems turn out to be isolated, because I think the D7100 looks to be quite a nice bit of kit.

No thanks at all for the lectures about what constitutes normal photography, the skillsets that all DSLR owners SHOULD. Didn't ask for them, didn't want them, though I fully expected them, I don't have to appreciate them. But by all means feel free to express your opinions.

Ok. I'll "express". Don't be afraid to wet-clean your own sensor.

I'm not, I have.

But the oil comes back straight away, and to remove it I had t buy a cleaning solution especially designed to remove oil.

The first cleaning kit I bought basically didn't touch the oil.

I don't want to go down this road again.

It's not a fear of cleaning my sensor, its a frustration (and lack of interest) at having to do it frequently.

Like every shot if I'm using F16 or smaller and the background is wrong (e.g. aircraft in air at airshow).

I've done it about 50 times now, and I'm not superman.

I've done it too.

And don't get me wrong, I was not suggesting you (or anyone else) was superman.

Get it?

Got it.



I  understand you and I certainly agree

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