Anybody else unhappy with Red River's R3000 profiles?

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Re: Anybody else unhappy with Red River's R3000 profiles?

just Tony wrote:

When I print the famous standard printer test image found here

on my newly arrived Epson R3000, using Red River's papers and matching profiles, and following their additional instructions exactly, the results in some sections of the image are not so great. In particular:

* The gradients that run from green, blue, and cyan towards white are quite obviously banded.

* The baby on the right looks too yellow.

* The lava folds are too yellow or yellow-green.

I also printed the same test image on my Canon MG6220, a dye-ink all-in-one, on Arctic Polar Satin. The gradients are all beautifully smooth. The babies all look great. The lava matches what I see on my calibrated NEC PA241W monitor. I get the same excellent results from the Canon Premium Glossy using Canon's appropriate profile. I'm pretty sure I've been doing my part correctly throughout this exercise.

(Side note: in the square color swatches the Canon shows excellent separation between the saturated red, magenta, purple, and blue. In the Epson the red and magenta are too close, and the blue and purple are too close. However this may be due to a superior gamut of the Canon dyes vs the Epson pigments).

So I have a couple of questions:

- Is there a better source for profiles for RR papers on the Epson R3000? I'm not trusting RR's right now.

- Will I see the same banded gradients with Epson papers + Epson profiles?

So far I've used the Red River sampler pack and it's time for me to buy a good paper in quantity. But I don't want to throw my money away on a paper that had been hobbled by the profile.

You are turning off color management in the R3000 driver right?

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