This is X series sharpest lens.

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Re: This is X series sharpest lens.

Yes I will grant you that.   It is extremely sharp, and renders contrast and colour beautifully.  However, for somebody trying to capture pic's in low-lit situations or where one has to move and focus quickly, it is pretty useless.  I have written about this on another thread on here, so won't re-invent the wheel.   However, took it to Vietnam recently hoping I could travel without the D700, but found you can't expect a boy to do a man's job.

I lost count of how many photos I missed and just how frustrating it was using that combo.  It was especially terrible in some of the low-lit Temples I was trying to document around HCMC.  I was disappointed because it was nice to travel with lighter kit.  I sold the whole thing off as soon as I got back home.

It's not all bad news though.  I really think Fuji are onto something special here and their next generation (X-Pro2 or whatever), is going to be something very special.  I am picking up my new X100s next week, and according to the reviews I have read, it is light and day compared to the old one.   If Fuji has applied this same concept to whatever they have in the pipeline, then we are in for something special.

I really loved the feel and build of the 60mm and when I look at some of the pic's I took with it on that trip, I am still amazed.   They seem so much sharper than even my amazing Nikkor 80-200 IFED 2.8, shot over f4.  The biggest problem with it though - I found that being a macro lens it has a very long focus throw.  As it often did, if it missed grabbing focus the first time, the wretched thing would then have to go back and forth through the whole 'throw' of its focus path - which would take a few good seconds - and of course by then your once/in/a/lifetime shot was gone.

Despite what people try to say on here, that setup will never be able to completely replace the DSLR, or the FX DSLR.  Even with the 60mm set at 2.4, there was always too much depth of field for the type of photography I seek.  Always seemed too much in focus and I cold not blur out the background for my portraits, which I can so easily do with the FX sized sensor.

At least I tried, but will be happy to lug along the D700 again, knowing that it still has its place and cannot be totally replaced with an APS-C sized sensor.


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