Upgraded to D600 - now need to decide on a telezoom lens

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Re: Upgraded to D600 - now need to decide on a telezoom lens

Based on the usage that you described, I think the 28-300VR is a pretty clear choice for you.  I used the 28-300VR on a D700 95% of the time from its introduction to the day my D700 drowned.  It is also terrific on the D600, which I now own (and even on DX, which I used briefly in the interim).

There is one drawback -- the 28-300VR will not resolve the full 24 MPixel resolution of the D600.  If you were going to shoot VERY carefully on tripod using best technique to eek out every last drop of resolution from the D600, the 28-300VR is not the best choice.  In that case, you need one of the 70-200s, either the 2.8 VR II or the f/4.

I actually replaced my 70-200 f/2.8 VR II with the new f/4 after careful testing.  FOR ME, the 70-200/4 is a better primary tele lens because I do want excellent sharpness at a decent weight.  For professionals, the 2.8 is USUALLY the best choice (and pretty much essential for sports).  If I shot weddings, I would keep the 2.8 for sure.

All that said, I am pretty sure you will love the 28-300VR, which is THE choice for walk-around.  The results can still be plenty good to print at 24x36 (or at least 20x30) and will be limited by technique in almost every case.  Most importantly -- you won't miss shots because you have the wrong lens!


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