Do you turn an external hard drive off?

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Re: I avoid current crop of external hard drives

Both large makers, WD and Seagate, have cheapened their external drives for desktops, hurting convenience, and I believe, reliability. These drives not only lack on-off switches, they also lack cooling fans and/or metal cases which help drives run cool.

My solution was to purchase Rosewill enclosures (RX 358 v2) and install 2TB SATA USB-2 "internal" drives.  Assembly is easy, total cost  is less than a prepackaged external drive, and I have metal enclosures with a built in cooling fan.  (These particular enclosures also work with eSATA)

I've got two of these running a  couple of years now, do weekly to monthly backups, with zero problems to date.  An added benefit is when they fill with image files, I can store the drive in a fraction of the space of the huge, hot-running, WD Notebooks they replaced.

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