Mirrorless Recommendation ( Sony Vs Olympus? )

Started Mar 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
jquagga Contributing Member • Posts: 616
Consider the hotshoe

I also like small cameras.  I have a D5100 DSLR and a Pansonic GF5 (Olympus PEN sized).  The Sony you mentioned (which has a similar sensor to my D5100) doesn't have a hotshoe.  Neither does my GF5.  I think that shooting food, you might have times when you want to use external flash.  Having a hotshoe will make that easier.  The 3N doesn't have a hotshoe and Sony until recently used their own style of hotshoe that most flashes and triggers won't fit (although you can buy an adapter).

Both are fine cameras though.  I think you'll do well with either.

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