For the Record. Launch Edition.

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Re: For the Record. Launch Edition.

nidri wrote:

These facts are henceforth stated, For the Record :

My my, this one is going to be fun. I'll bite and play devils/trolls advocate...

1. Cameras don't kill other cameras, as in 'the D7100 is going to kill the 7D' or whatever. This doesn't happen. Cameras take pictures, they don't kill other cameras. Does sea water kill cameras? Not intentionally, but yes, given time. Wild animals? Occasionally. Other cameras? No. In their natural state, when placed in close proximity, two 'enemy' cameras will generally not attack one another.

In that particular sense you are correct. But if a camera manufacter were to either completely go out of business or eliminate a model from his lineup because nobody wants to buy it, then that could somewhat reasonably be called killing. Admittedly, it rarely happens to the previously mentioned extreme, but even if one model "only" vastly outsells another then I think it is fair to stretch the already stretched analogy (that is, using the term "killing") even further.

2. No one cares that you're ditching your camera and crossing over to a new system. No one. Not your fellow forum members. Not the MODs. Not the IT guys in the server room checking that the little blue LED lights are still flashing. Not even the rejected camera company cares. Not one bit. We realise it's an emotional time for you and some of us might even empathise a little, but do we care? No. It's just you, baby. It's just you.

While my above disagreement was mostly for fun, this one I really do disagree with. I know I care about other peoples opinion about a camera a lot. Not to make me feel better or worse about my own purchase decision, but simply as a valuable piece of knowledge for future purchases. This requires me to look critically at what is being said by that person, but usually I learn something valuable - even though the criticised feature is often something I don't particularly care about.

3. No one is going to build a camera exactly to the specifications you have in your head.

Agreed - or at least it is unlikely, I am sure that in the multitude of people that are alive, someone somewhere has just dreamed about a camera with a specific set of features that actually exists.

The reason for this is very simple: Your head is not a multi-national corporation that has to deliver profits to its board of directors.

I am not sure that that is a good explanation

Your head is a deluded, self-serving, lustful technological hedonist that knows only the things it wants, and it wants everything. What do I mean, everything? I mean everything, like in the The Professional (aka Leon), when Gary Oldman shouts everything. Like that.

I consider myself quite rational. When I "dream" about a camera I can do it in quite realistic terms. The features that I want mostly don't get build because the manufacturers want to artificially create "boundaries" between their different classes of cameras. For example, the 5D III could easily have been built with 8 FPS like the 7D, it would in all likelihood not have made manufacturing any more difficult or expensive - but the camera would creep too close to 1D territory and thus it is not done. This has nothing to do with me being delusional or wanting "everything", it's just marketing/politics/whatever.

Not a serious post. Not meant to offend. Tongue in cheek. That is all. For now.

Same here

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