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HS50 settings

So I recently acquired my HS50 and have been playing around with its settings (I missed the quickie buttons) and I am somehow adjusting to Q button and menus of this cam.

With my first outing with the cam (see Red alert... red alert!) I did use the same settings I have for my HS30. Note that there maybe some slight changes as I progress with this cam.

I normally shoot wildlife so here I am using C-Mode with these settings:

Static/Semi Static critters

C-Mode set to Aperture-Priority (Go to Aperture Priority mode then save to C-Settings)

ISO = Auto 400 (shoot first on this then if the critter stays shoot on lower-ISO) 
DR = Auto 
EV = -0.33 now at 0.

Aperture = F/2.8 (it will become f/5.6 on the long end automatically and vice-versa) 
Image Size = L 4:3 RAW 
Image Quality = Fine 
Film Simulation = Velvia/Vivid 
File format = RAW+JPEG 
Noise Reduction = Low 
Intelligent Sharpness = Off 
Face Detection = Off 
Face Recognition = Off

Image Stabilization Mode = Continuous IS 
AF Illuminator = On 
EVF/LCD Mode = 50 60 fps now.
Quick Start Mode Power Saving - High Performance Mode = On

Continuous Shot Mode at 5 frames/s

Photometry(Metering) = Spot 
White Balance = Auto 
AF-Mode = Center 
Focusing = AF-Single

LCD on Best Framing (RO3 guide)

For Bird-in-flight or other flying critter

Shutter-Priority Mode

Shutter speed = 1/1000s

Focusing = Continuous

For Macro

Aperture or Program Mode

Flash ON for insects and other critters under shade

To achieve Maximum magnification/Shallow DOF set the focal length to 150-160mm TBD (EFL) and lens at 3-5 TBD inches away

For Low-light

EXR-SN or PAS mode

ISO=Auto ISO1600 
Image Size = M 4:3 
DR = DR100 
Film Simulation = Standard 
Noise Reduction=Low 

For General purpose type of shooting like events

Program Mode

ISO=Auto ISO400 
Image Size = M 4:3 
DR = DR400 
Film Simulation = Standard 
Noise Reduction=Low 


  • If you want extra resolution shoot in L-Size and set DR to Auto, File-type to RAW and PP it. After careful post-processing, resize it down to 50-75% (depending on the quality of the shot).

  • I am using Silkypix to PP my RAW files but sometimes especially on macro mode, JPEG is more than enough.

Here is screenie of my default SilkyPix settings

-=[ Joms ]=-

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