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JulesJ wrote:

Apart from buying it with a new machine, is anyone going to bother to update their W7 machine with the new OS? I am not a fan of W7 and wish I stil had XP. Burning discs on 7 is a pain compared to on a Mac. Anyone tried 8 yet?


Of-course many users already tried Windows 8 yet.
Me myself build a new PC and went directly to Windows 8. Previously my "main" computer was a XP-machine, and I liked that. Have a notebook with Vista, but I hate that.

Did personalized my Windows 8 PC, e.g. by installing an old styled Start-menu ( Classic Shell ). Don't use the metro page at all.
In one way W8 is a drag of a system. Some programs + system is about 60Gb
Inside a far out spread "puzzle" how the system is set. Seems I am a Beta tester by searching and installing to latest driver that give the best performance plus efficiency. But after that, I like it very much.
It is far better integration for hardware and software possibilities. Optimal energy and saving options. Very fast (using SSD).

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