Mirrorless Recommendation ( Sony Vs Olympus? )

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Re: Mirrorless Recommendation ( Sony Vs Olympus? )

Louno wrote:

The main issue with the P300 is that when zoomed in more (to eliminate distortion and have smaller field of view) the aperture rises up and it requires more light or longer shutter speed. Also, it has a really wide depth of field so the backgrounds are a LITTLE out of focus but not blurred enough to eliminate the distraction. I want really sharp focus area with nice blurring of the background when desired.

$300ish    Panasonic DMC-G3 with 14-42 lens (being run-out now at bhphotovideo.com and elsewhere)

$70ish      Yongnuo YN560II external flash unit (used in manual mode & sitting pretty on your DMC-G3, bouncing light off walls and ceilings and doing assorted magic)

I'd be surprised if your needs aren't met.

Ideally if the camera that is bought would be good enough out of the box with it`s kit lens that would be nice and I could acquire a better lens specifically for food photography after a while ( any suggestions? ) but I am also prepared to buy a lens right away if necessary, if no camera has a kit lens that would be good enough... It seems like I wont have a choice?
I like the sony look and feel, and I like the focus peaking feature, larger sensor doesnt mean better image quality, but it should help with easier bokeh and better low light performance. On the other hand olympus might be a bit cheaper, and it has in body image stabilization, a wider lens selection ( although i dont think I will ever need tons of lense, i am not a pro photographer, I expect that over time I might acquire 1-3 lens max ) the lens are also generally cheaper and smaller too.

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