I'm Staying Married to Olympus!!

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Equivalence in action.

Darrell500 wrote:

My 90-250mm just arrived today. Needless to say I so totally distressed that I may have to go out and take some photos with it (if I can lift the damned thing)

Craig your killing me, I'm turning green with envy, I am so lusting after that lens.

My Olympus files are so bad I was hired to shoot the Rock Star Energy Drinks Uproar Festival last year. You should have seen the look I got from a newpaper guy when he asked if that was a Canon and I said no it's Olympus, he said he didin't realize Oly made anything like that. ( E-5 w/35-100)

Here is one of the lowlight pics you can't get with Olympus gear, dang I must need a Canikon.

Jason James with Bullet For My Valentine E-5 35-100 ISO 1600 Shutter Priority 1/640 f/3.2

Exactly right.  You shot that with an f/2 lens, yet you stopped down to f/3.2.  Why?  For more DOF.  You also shot at 1/640.  Why?  For less motion blur.  Clearly, the greater DOF and minimizing motion blur mattered more to you than getting the least noise that you could.

Thus, a FF photographer would have had to shoot that at f/6.4 ISO 6400 to get the same DOF and shutter speed, and say goodbye to any noise advantage FF would have otherwise had (assuming equally efficient sensors, of course).

Even more than that, even though the 1/640 shutter speed did a decent job of mitigating motion blur, motion blur is still visible.  So, what good would come from 20+ MP over the 12 MP of the E5?  Just larger files and longer processing time.

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