Help on Fill in Flash

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Andrea Crema
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Re: Help on Fill in Flash

This is really interesting stuff and I value everyone's opinion. I think the days of using auto are over.

so what I've learnt from you guys is:

1) There are two exposures in one. An ambient and a flash.

2) I need to meter for the ambient and then use the appropriate fill based on subject distance.

3) I can control the ambient by under/over exposing - go up or down an f stop in manual/ shutter speed?

This is where I see different methods on the flash

4a) I can control the flash power for fill in full manual, but need to know subject distance to power ratio

4b) I can use TTL and dial down the flash power to provide more natural fill with flash exp comp.

4c) the shutter speed can also control the flash output? Aka high speed sync? For increased depth of field.

I do have a sekonic light/flash meter that I used for strobes, worth using? How?

brilliant thread, have learnt loads!

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