new zack arias review of x100s is up

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Re: Who the hell is Zack Arias ?

Guy was trying to do his review in a unique way.  Failed.  But heck those are some impressive pictures he took so I guess the dude knows what he is doing.  I'm very impressed with the X100S.  I want one.

Tell us how he failed David? What parts did he fail at exactly?

Imo- that was an f'n awesome review. By far the most refreshing & entertaining reviews are coming from Zack. I've yet to read a bad one.
I can see he's not everyone's cup of tea- But i would never put the words 'fail' & 'Zack Arias' in the same sentence. Ever. You'd have to be really pretentious or really square to say he fails at being unique.

For those of you who aren't familiar with him(or are), you should check out his creative mornings lecture, as well as the creative live talks. He has a lot of really inspirational & helpful stuff packed into those talks.

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