I'm Staying Married to Olympus!!

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Re: More Gloom and Doom

This photo is a cracker!  Well done!

I fail to see the need for any more than this and wonder why people buy into the notion that Olympus is no good at high ISO.  This is plenty good and I firmly believe that a higher resolution, cleaner image wouldn't deliver the message any better.  From the "Abigail" tat to the "All Access" pass hanging from his belt, there is enough detail here for a cd insert, webpage, magazine cover or even a poster for a bedroom wall.

That would have been a great show and you certainly must have had a good time, as evidenced by the emotion and energy in the image.

But then again you were using Oly gear, so, as one of their songs goes: "My tears don't fall, they crash around me."

Doom and gloom for sure.

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