Red alert... red alert!

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Re: Red alert... red alert! Hi Joms

Red Alert for sure!

I have to say these look fantastic, and only your first few shots, so they will get better for sure!

Handheld is even more impressive at 1000mm, if you had used a Monopod or Tripod, could have been even better (I would definitely have colors bright and well saturated…bokeh clean and very smooth, really nice separation of subject…details are there as well…looks like back focus slightly on first shot otherwise perfect…second good accurate AF on head/eyes, but look at minute details in the rear most wing feathers, really nice to see...

Surprisingly very clean shots as well…well done Joms...

Joms it would be very interested to say the least to see you shoot some of these with Stabilisation turned off…as steady as you are, sometimes the stabilization can cause slight softness in itself, the EM5 does this and I have found with stabilization off the shots are sharper...

These look like the slight softness was from the stabilizer to me, not the lens...

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