iPad mini as RAW backup

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Re: iPad mini as RAW backup

uniball wrote:

About a year ago I looked into just about all of the wifi enabled approaches. My recollection is most, if not all, had issues with raw files going from the iPad to the device. Otherwise they made sense. Something to focus on.

Also keep in mind that the data transfer rate over wireless will be much slower than a cabled solution, which would make a difference if you shoot large raw files. Although I don't have a HyperDrive, it would seem like the fastest solution since there is a card reader built in and it is a photo-optimized device.

The reason speed is important is because it minimizes the amount of time you spend babysitting transfers and backups of hundreds of GB when you're on a trip, and also because the faster an image transfer can complete, the more images you can transfer on a device charge.

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