Nikon 18-35mm AF-S G (D600) vs. Nikon 12-24mm F4 AF-S DX (D7100)

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Re: Nikon 18-35mm AF-S G (D600) vs. Nikon 12-24mm F4 AF-S DX (D7100)

I've owned the Tokina 12-24 f4 ver I for quite a few years using it with a D300, and D7K.  I now have the D600, and just received the new 18-35.  The Tokina is a very sharp lens and built like a tank, but suffers from flare and quite a bit of CA.  I've tried it with the D600, and it works from 18-24, but the corners are soft. Stopping down helps some.

The 18-35 is very sharp, and is looking like an excellant lens.  Probably very close optically to the pricier Nikon WA's. Nice color rendition,  no flare that I've noticed, and a slight bit of CA that easily corrected in LR. It's a very nice WA lens for the D600/D800, especially where size and weight are a concern.

To your question about the 12-24 and D7100.  Let me start by saying that I never could get into ultra WA shooting with dx.  I seldom used the 12-24.  24mm was usually wide enough.  UltraWA on dx seemed flat, 2D looking.  Now that I've moved to FX, UltraWA has more of a 3D look.  It's hard to explain, but I notice a difference.  Maybe it's just my old eyes playing tricks, but for once I'm really enjoying UWA shooting with FX. I think I actualy prefer it now...just the opposite from my dx experience.

So, with that in mind, I would suggest the 18-35 for your D600 if you do any landscape shooting, and skip the D7100. On the otherhand, if you do alot of sports or wildlife,  the D7100 might be a nice second body if the D200 limits you.


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