Swimmin' with the fishies.

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Steve Throndson Senior Member • Posts: 2,702
Re: Swimmin' with the fishies.

Great shots!   I laughed when I read 'old generation' GH2.  That would be the GH2 from 2010?   Did they have flash powder then, and those new-fangled wet plates?   (my G1 is two years older than that, and still working well)  Ah, sometimes I miss the film days when one camera would last a lifetime.

Those blues are intense.  They would be difficult to print - 'out of gamut', I think.  The ink and paper can only deliver so much. Beautiful to look at on screen, though.

I read somewhere that underwater, lenses have a sort of magnifying effect, so that a normal lens acts like a telephoto. The old Nikonos cameras used 35mm lenses which gave a field of view comparable to a 50mm.  Is that how it works?

How do you like the 25mm Panasonic lens?

. . . . Steve

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