HS50 samples, better than Canon SX50 and Pana FZ200!

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Re: Yes DSLR is 10 times better for action than superzoom for sports

Midwest wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

Yes you will get some shots with your super zoom but it is like comparing writing with a pencil vs. a crayon. The control, timing, finese, etc., is much, much, much , much better with the DSLR.

No comparison.

Now I like superzooms cause they have longer reach, weigh a bit less, cost a bit less, but a Nikon D5100 with a 55-200 or the 55-300 weigh only a bit more and cost only 20% more.

Put your Action Shots where your Pencil is…we want to see exactly how your DSLR 5100 can beat these shots…at 500mm…most of these were at 500mm EFL…

You will get some shots?…I have 100's like these...

Your Panny does a great job with these soccer shots - IMO easily the best of any bridge camera because of the fast lens allowing more shutter speed or lower ISO or both.

I don't doubt that a dslr could equal or beat them but first of all the person shooting the pics would have to have an eye for capturing them which is as good as yours. Your great results are not all due to the camera - the photographer has a lot to do with it.

This is an image from the gallery of CS Farrow who apparently has 'left the building' but I cited it in a post long ago and post it here just for illustration. It was taken with an older (Canon 30d) 8mp DSLR - not at 500mm zoom but effectively about 160mm. I think CS Farrow's shot here is really quite good, all the moreso for being just an 8mp shot.

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice.

This was aimed specifically at Photo Perzon, he couldn't shoot a fish in a barrel, and he's talking like he can do it with the D5100, you are correct someone has to be behind the camera that can shoot marginally anyway...

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