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Re: Not completely without blame...

edispics wrote:

So how would you suggest that all the online software companies should sell their software, online?

It's not the selling online part that is the Problem, piracy happens for online and offline sales.

Keeping in mind that the solution has to protect the companies from piracy as well.

I have several responses to this point:

1) I don't have to find a solution, DRM is unethical, end of story. For your education I will provide further information, but this one single reason should be enough for anybody.

2) DRM doesn't work. Even the best schemes have been cracked, including single player games requiring the player to be online at all times (a truly infuriating concept).

3) companies don't have to use DRM. Piracy has been happening for a long time, and it's only the last few years where companies have been using the truly draconian DRM schemes, such as those requiring am Internet connection. Companies have been doing fine before that, it's only greed that motivates them really. Look at the history of music DRM and you will see an extremely clear example. Music is now mostly sold without DRM as the companies have finally realized that it doesn't help them, and several instances where DRM servers were shut down (forever, not just temporarily) showed the customers how vulnerable DRM leaves their purchases. Look up PlaysForSure on Wikipedia, never has a DRM scheme been named with more irony.

4) Companies need to shift their focus from protecting against piracy to serving the needs of their customers, then piracy will be less of a problem - it can never be solved completely. Fair prices, good value, not relying in ridiculous forced borders (region locked content, heavily variable pricing etc.), establishing a connection with the customer (not just treating him as a source of income), and appeals to customers moral senses - those things help combat piracy. Some people will always be pirates or not use the product at all. Those people will never be real customers, and punishing actual customers for the behavior of pirates just alienates your loyal customers.

5) in the case of music and movies and video games, studies have repeatedly shown that the people pirating the most content are also those that make the most legitimate purchases (do a Google search on this). For expensive software this is somewhat different, but those   cases are mostly about low income persons (students etc. ) just not being able to afford to buy the software legally.

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