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Re: Here's the scoop:

Rodolfo wrote:

I run MSE on a Win7 desktop and notebook, and I have the software icons and the state of the software showing on my taskbars: The icon appears green when it's current. When I right-click on the icon, I can open the program interface. The Update tab will show if you're up-to-date and allow you to update manually. Under the Settings tab, the left window shows what I can control, including whether I want real time protection and scheduled scans, among other things; this schedule category allows me to set several variables on the right window. I have it set to run daily at 12:30 on the desktop, and weekly on the notebook.

If yours is failing in any way, you may want to uninstall and re-install. Mine works flawlessly and I have one or another micro running most of the time. I run Windows update manually at the end of each month, and sometimes there are MSE components listed. Viruses are among the things in life I worry least and I have never checked on when or why they appear then, although I've guessed that their appearance depends on my update timing and/or scan schedules.

Here's the word on MSE:

and here it is on WD for Win 8:

Hi Rodolfo,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

MSE on my Win7 tower works as you describe.  The icon in the "Notifications area" aka "System tray" is green when MSE is up to date.  The icon turns brown when MSE should be updated.  When it turns brown,  I manually do the update.  I wanted the update to be automatic, especially for a lady friend who runs Win7 + MSE on her laptop.

MWD on my Win8 laptop does not display an icon in the Notifications area at all.  I have to remember to open MWD and then it shows whether it is up to date or not.  I then do the update manually.  I wanted the update to be automatic, and again especially for the same lady friend who runs Win8 on her desktop PC.

But all of this may be moot now as I'm going to try Comodo.


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