D800 AF Issue is NOT resolved. Buyer beware!!!!! Locked

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Re: Beware the fanboys!

Not simply a question of "fanboys" (could you be a bit more dismissive?).  We all deal with problems differently.  The OP made a choice to test five and buy none.  You recommend not buying the D600. I made a decision to buy both as soon as I could.

I bought the D600 7 months ago, have thousands of keepers, and have created some photos that are really special to me and others, some of which have sold to customers.  I received a new D800E today and will be shooting tomorrow.  If I have an AF problem, I'll work around and address as necessary.  But I WILL be shooting a D800E tomorrow.

Warranties and consumer protection laws exist for a reason.

It's all good. I won't loose any sleep tonight over the unread comments here. The left AF issue is a proven, documented, and unresolved issue. Nikon is still making defective D800/e bodies. I offer my testimony as another witness to any that are considering the purchase of said camera. Potential buyers take that risk. That's all. Good night.

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