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Playing QuickTime videos on the Samsung Android tablet

mstecker wrote:

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy 10-1-inch Tab2 with Android 4.1.1 and am using it with the default internet browser to read the messages on DPR. However, if I try to login to DPR in order to write a thread my login information is rejected with the message "Login failed: Incorrect email or password". This is the same password and email I use on my Windows 7 desktop and Mac Mini computers and they login fine. Why am I haveing this problem? How does one login to DPR using and Android tablet?

Also, I am unable to hear the sound on my QuickTime videos. Again, they work fine on the Windows and Mac, but not the Samsung Android tablet.

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Regarding playing QuickTime and other videos on Android, I went to the XDA Developers web-site and did a search for "playing QuickTime on Android" and was told that the APP:
QQ Player
would play the QuickTime .mov videos.  It is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.  And, yes it does work fine playing videos with both picture and sound (MX player would not play the sound in QuickTime).  It is unfortunate that Android does not build this function into their OS.  Also, I doubt that many Android users know how to play QuickTime on their phones and tablets.


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