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Re: Something seems.... amiss.

moving_comfort wrote:.

15 bystanders in the store's back room, taking note?

What is the name of the store? Was it in Las Vegas, or some other part of Nevada? (you said 'our local camera store', and you have your location as 'Nevada'.)

If my questions seem suspicious, it's because they are. Something about your story seems embellished, exaggerated, possibly flat-out untrue to me. I could be wrong, which is why I'm asking about the store.

To be fair, I'd also like Chris to tell us more about the results of his test and to answer the questions put to him. So far, this thread has had mostly reasonable replies.

beast625 wrote:

Not simply a question of "fanboys" (could you be a bit more dismissive?).

I've been scarred from my "could have been a contender" D600 thread and also on a German forum when I dared to point out weaknesses in the D600 (live-view etc). As a result I automatically expect the same kind of hostile replies when anyone posts a thread which is critical of a Nikon camera.

Hopefully this thread will prove me wrong.

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