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Something seems.... amiss.

Arretose wrote:

I just spent 4 hours in our local camera store testing out five.....5....different brand new D800's, serial number 3064994 being the lowest as I recall. I brought my own tripod, batteries, cards, remote, variety of approved AF printed targets, cards ect. The store let me use their back room to set up my gear and test my lenses (14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 85/1.8, 35/1.4,16-35). I followed Thom Hogans article for testing AF. By the end of this experience we had about 15 bystanders taking note.


15 bystanders in the store's back room, taking note?


I was upfront with them, showing them the cash


You were carrying $3000+ cash?  Why wouldn't you purchase with a credit card?


and letting them know I was ready to purchase if i could get a camera with no AF issue. They were very happy to make sure I was happy with my purchase. After testing each lens (listed above) on the first D800, the store manager let me use their computer with the huge 30 inch monitor to look at the results. I used crib cards to note which lens , CD/PD AF, and focal points I used for each series of images. There was no mistaking the left and right AF issue on the first camera. The store mamager wrapped up the d800 and said it was going back to Nikon as defective. The second camera was worse. At this point the store manager was getting frustrated, and I told him I ha made up my mind not to get a D800. But he insisted on finding a D800 that did not have the problem. 5 cameras later, he decided enough was enough. He had heard of the problem from last year, but that nobody had been coming in with the problem, and he had heard rumors that it had been fixed. I don't know if people have been testing carefully or just eyeballing it, but I was not alone in my interpretation of the results. It was bad, and everyone there knew it.

What is the name of the store?  Was it in Las Vegas, or some other part of Nevada?  (you said 'our local camera store', and you have your location as 'Nevada'.)

If my questions seem suspicious, it's because they are. Something about your story seems embellished, exaggerated, possibly flat-out untrue to me.  I could be wrong, which is why I'm asking about the store.

I test cameras and lenses at the counter of my local camera store all the time.  It's usually going to be National Camera Exchange, Golden Valley, MN.  I'll even hand out the store number, website and the name of the salesman I talk to - heck, he'd love to talk to anyone


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