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Re: D800 AF Issue is NOT resolved. Buyer beware!!!!!

Event_shooter wrote:

Arretose wrote:

4. DO NOT get camera envy thinking that the D800 is so awesome that you HAVE to have it! Older generation cameras (D700, d3x) are great cameras. The hassle with Nikon's QC is not worth it.

Hope this helps you save some $$$$


I could NOT disagree with you more on #4. The D800 is HEADS AND TAILS better than anything Nikon has ever produced even the D4.

I'm not going to take teh time here and explain how 36MP is better than 12 mp, 18 mp, etc.

Why do people who don't OWN a D800 - keep giving advice on purchasing a D800 and the D800 quality.

Now lets talk about this HUGE hassle of QC. If you have a bad copy you put it in a box send it to Nikon and they fix it. A minor inconvenience perhaps, but hassle - I think not.

Are people having issues sure, but if you read any other camera manufacturer thread they all have issues. They haven't make a camera yet without issues.

Simply not true, many manufacturers are trouble free, Canon being one at this point

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