Crop Factor and Aperture

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Re: Crop Factor and Aperture

The 1/(focal length) rule was created for FF cameras, so you have to consider what the equivalent field of view a lens has on the V1 relative to an FF camera. A 35mm lens on a V1 is equivalent to shooting with a 94.5mm lens on an FF camera; therefore you shoot at around 1/94.5 sec (perhaps 1/125 sec) to counter the effects of camera shake when handheld. One more example - an 18.5mm lens on a V1 is equivalent to shooting with a 50mm lens on a FF camera; so shoot at around 1/50 sec (perhaps 1/60 sec).

You will have to experiment a bit to see if this rule works for you. If you have steadier hands you may be able to shoot at slower shutter speeds. If you have shakier hands you might need to use faster shutter speeds.

I hope this helps.

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