French review of TG-2, note the high ISO performance

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Re: French review of TG-2, note the high ISO performance

Robert Anderson wrote:

The real test of the tough cameras is how they perform outside. From the few samples I have seen from the TG-2, they look just like the TG-1 images. The leaves and grass seem to be blurred like a watercolor even at lower ISO's.

for now simply have to accept not look at 100% pixel peep for these waterproof camera

but if you have a sharp eye ,can probably saw that even on computer screen

really wish to know whether WG-3 will be better but I can't wait that long for good detail review.

I have to buy now and my pick right now is TG-2. Reason is

I have more confidence in Olympus,

12 MP vs 16MP

Olympus experience in lens design, the zuiko lens is famous, in comparison even pentax DSLR lens has a bad rep (some said TG-2 and WG-3 have the same lens but this can't be sure)

better look of TG-2 to me

possibility to add converter lens in the future

the A Aperture mode which I believe not in WG-3

So my pick is TG-2, will surely got upset if WG-3 turn out to be better (may have lower noise reduction) but who knows.  I can't wait for good review of WG-3 which may come many months later

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