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Couple points to be made.

Number 1: Whenever you conduct a test, you must have an analogue that represents a standard. Any camera, including your own, would have worked. So your test is flawed from the start.

Number 2: Can you please tell me when and how often you will be using the Left AF? What are you doing that you're using this area of AF? I haven't used it once. For all I know my camera's AF is twice as bad as the worst you saw on your "test". But, it's the *LEFT* AF, not the whole thing. And I can't remember the last time I ever used the right or left AF for anything. I mean, *IF* you have a valid reason for using the left AF then that's awesome, otherwise why does it even matter????? I know it's not right to have a camera that does not function as it should, but at least this malfunctioning isn't impacting the entire use of the camera. It's minor at the very most.



It would be nice if we could find a way to develop a user test-guide. Because I would like to test stuff: heck, everyone here at one time or another has probably thought about it. However many people make all kinds of mistakes with testing such as not having an analogue, or shooting outside in ever-changing partly cloudy lighting, or not using manual-mode so that aperture and shutter speed are locked down. There should be a guide about how to make a user-review. What's important to the community, what's too much? And perhaps in today's society of twitter and facebook and all that, we might also need to ask 'what's too short' of a review? It just seems that if there was a guide to help with these things, then someone who spent 4 hours plus drivetime wouldn't have forgotten something basic or at least they would have the authority of following an official process. He even says that he followed Thom Hogan's guide, but after how much smack that man has been talking against Nikon recently I just no longer put any value to it, even though I haven't nor will I ever read the guide Thom Hogan put forth after he said the D800 was "not recommended"???? Really?????!!!! Seriously????!!?

Anyway, there should be a guide so that people who are as dedicated to finding answers as Arretose don't end up wasting their time by forgetting something easily overlooked. I don't blame him for forgetting it, because I'm sure I would've left my UV filter on or something basic like that which could alter results for people who don't use filters or don't use my brand of filters. And besides, everyone makes mistakes and it's not like this is his job or something. I think it's our fault as photographers for not asking DPR to make a user-guide for testing that would be the industry-standard for us forum-users. At least everyone would be on the same page anyway, and that's worth something in itself.

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