D7100 vs D800, Nikon 85mm 1.4G

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Re: Thanks for link

alex3322 wrote:

Looked over some more photos on his blog.

and the last one

Even if these photos have nothing to do with the D7100 I just wanted to share some nice shots I found on his blog.

obviously this gentleman is an outstanding photographer,i'm sold on d7100...my biggest problem at the moment is what do i do with my recently serviced(4th time since purchased 3months ago)d600?..my d600 has been down 31 days...but it does have stellar image quality..so far so good with no issues...when i "must get the shot"for my paid work i rely on my d700/d300s,looks like d7100 af matches..exceeds? d700/d300s..which is good..NOW i have to find a way to sneak that d7100 into my bag without raising suspicion from my better half...BTW i think the photographer mentioned above can capture great images...with any camera in his hands,he's good

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