Need help with Kodachrome slides please

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Re: Need help with Kodachrome slides please

3x3cution3r wrote:

Hello folks,

I've purchased some slides to scan with my Nikon 5V but I'm not sure if these are Kodachromes or not and I'm hoping someone can enlighten me.

Now, as I understand, Kodachrome slides are easily discernible by the emulsion on one side which has a matte, almost 3D effect. Is that only reserved for Kodachromes? I've seen slides form the communist block from the 70's where I know for a fact that Kodachrome was not available to the public and these also had that heavy emulsion on one side.

The slides I've purchased do not have Kodachrome written anywhere on the carboard holder they're in, but rather it says "Technicolor". However they do have a very visible, matte emulsion on one side. I was always under the impression that any Kodachrome would have "Kodachrome" written on the cardboard holder. So is the heave matte emulsion a sign of only a Kodachrome slide or do other films also have this. In addition what is "Technicolor"?

Thank you for your help.

Here is a link that might help you figuire out what you've got there: KODACHROME

Notice Kodachrome slides #11 & #12 are "Processed by Technicolor"

Evidently the courts declared Kodak had a monopoly on the Kodachrome processing & so Kodak had to allow other labs to begin processing Kodachrome.

Hope this helps,


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