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Re: It's not a question of "sides," but

Chato wrote:

Ed B wrote:

TonyC5D wrote:

Oooh look, guns again, 4 down....

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"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried".

This might have more to do with the far left mindset than guns.

I'd also like to see something from Chato that would refute what this guy had to say.

I'm not necessarily "taking sides", just trying to get an education.

Of Slander.

The Klebolt family were of mixed ethnic origins, the Mother being Hewish, the Father a Lutheran. The Harries' were a military family. Eric, the younger son, was a fan of Nazi's, which makes Dylan case een odder he was half Jewish.

The VIrginia tech shooter was a foreign national, who wrote hate mail to various media outlets on the very day he did his shooting. His hate mail was aimed at the "elitists" at the school.

Loughner was a registered Independent.

Lanza was a recluse, and I doubt if he was a registered anything. Certainly his Mother was a gun owner, and hardly the the pattern of a gun hating fanatic.

James Holmes was not a member of any group, let alone Occupy Wall Street. The only group he ever tried to join was a gun club.

What is evil about this thread, is the attempt to associate Homicidal maniacs with any political party or group. It's wrong, whether someone associates them with Democrats, and equally wrong when someone associates them with Republicans.

Nightwings is one sick puppy.


I think that if a person believed 5% of what they read on the Internet, they'd still be misinformed.

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