Ordering from Panasonic Directly -- A very phishy experience

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Re: Ordering from Panasonic Directly -- A very phishy experience

ALbino wrote:

On Wednesday I ordered a new DMC-ZS30 from Panasonic's website:


Today (Friday) I get an e-mail from them saying they want me to fax a copy of my driver's license to some number, or a copy of a utility bill, and that my order is on hold until I prove I'm me. Obviously my first thought is this is some sort of phishing scam, and there's no way a legitimate company would actually ask for something as suspect as faxing my personal information to a random number. So I go to the website to check the status of my order, and it says absolutely nothing about me being on hold, only that my shipping date is now 7-10 days away.

I do some Googling and it turns out they actually do ask people to fax their information to them. For example:


So, now I call them, and they tell me that they're out of stock and won't be getting any more until Sunday, which is why my shipping date has changed. So I verify that "yes, it will definitely ship next week" before I then ask about the driver's license thing, to which I'm told, "oh yes, it does appear that you need to verify who you are, so no it won't actually ship" despite what they just told me, and what's on the website. I patiently explain that there's no way in the world I'm faxing my driver's license to any company, nor a utility bill, so we can either resolve this over the phone or cancel my order. In the end, they asked me some questions about my order, and verified I'm me, so now supposedly the hold has been lifted, and after they receive stock on Sunday my camera should ship in the next few days.

Has anyone else dealt with this? It's so unbelievably scammy feeling I can't believe they're doing it. I can just imagine little old ladies faxing away their social security cards and bank statements to random numbers as soon as the scammers start to send out these types of phishing e-mails. The fact that it will at one point have been legitimate makes it all the more easy to get burned. It's just crazy.

This does seem strange! I ordered my ZS15 directly through Panasonic & I didn't have to do any of that.

You sure you were on the Panasonic North America site(link to the ZS30K at the Panasonic North America site)?: ZS30K

Good luck.


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