Prints on glossy paper turn out slightly dark

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Re: Prints on glossy paper turn out slightly dark

Howard Moftich wrote:

one thing you may want to do is when you calibrate your monitor, figure out how to set the contrast ratio (either directly or by calculating your brightness/350) (ie. if you're setting your monitor to 100cd/m2, then 100/350 = 0.35 black point). Monitors are capable of much greater contrast and deeper blacks than papers.

Hi Howard,

thanks for the reply. I understand very well the difference between the capability of a monitor and the output that one can attain on paper: but I don't understand the first part of your answer. I have just re-calibrated the monitor (every x days I am reminded to do it: maybe I should do it more often but work and family get almost all my time and so I can only devote to photography some hours during the weekend...).

I use the Huey pro. Calibration goes like this: at first it measures ambient light (which right now is a terribly yellow-ish Ikea lamp) then it asks if I am able to distinguish black and white parts of a circle. Then it measures the patches of colour, and the only possible setting that I have is choosing between D50, D65 and D70 (I think it's the monitor temperature) and the gamma factor (1.8, 2.2...).

I pick D65 and 2.2 and save the profile.

So: is the 100 cd/m^2 related to the D65 or to the brightness setting of the monitor? How can I set the contrast ratio? And the final lazy question: why is this not taken care for my by the combination of profiles and drivers of the printers? I am joking obviously. I would really be glad if you could help me to understand the content of your reply.


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