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Re: DPR login with Android

mstecker wrote:

Karlos1978 wrote:


I just logged in from my Galaxy S2 with no problems - sometimes the keyboard will start with Caps turned on. Could be your issue? The stock browser is rubbish (imo) anyway. Perhaps try downloading Dolphin or Chrome which are both free and try logging in using those.

QuickTime is not supported out of the box by Android, as far as I am aware - it is an Apple technology after all so not surprising. I understand that MX player will play quicktime files though, and this is free too.


Thanks Karl for your help. I have MX Player on my Samsung tablet. It will play QuickTime videos silently, but has no audio. This is not a problem with both my Windows 7 and Mac OSX computers. Microsoft Windows does allow one to play QuickTime after installing the Windows version of QuickTime, but I guess there is none for Android. The typing on the tablet was correct with no capitals as it should be. I have tried both the default browser and Firefox browser for Android to login to DPR and both failed.

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Sorry that this hasn't been resolved. I think someone from XDA Developers may be able to help you out.


Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

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