D5100 user considering NEX-6

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Re: D5100 user considering NEX-6

My sense was that mgn2 didn't want to change, just wanted to justify his 5100.  Which is why I advised that he not change.  On the other hand most of the subsequent conversation misses the point.

I shot 500 pictures of a 2 and 4 year old running around inside a house last week.  They never stopped. Using the 50mm SEL and a 5R with PDAF firmware in both, I got not one, not one, blurry picture. I think the AF is up to that task.  I'm not sure I'd claim tracking waterfowl flying at me, but that's not what I do with this camera and not the topic of this thread.

The larger point, in my view, is to get out from behind the camera and also get the camera at the kids height when taking pictures of kids. This requires that you use the lcd, not the evf when they are moving around.  Liveview performance on dslr's generally won't support that with decent AF speeds.  Also the smaller the camera the less the child reacts to the camera.  These are the real issues in child photography, in my view. But, addressing these issues requires rethinking the physical relationship of photographer camera and subject.  Not something I thought the op was up to.

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