Another Nikon bashing thread! Or not?

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Re: Another Nikon bashing thread! Or not?

chillstatus wrote:

I received my 70-200 2.8 vrii this week and the warranty card was also tucked in the manual. I thought I didn't get one at first but found it. Lens looks good though, I don't see any dust but maybe I will check again.

I have the same issue with my D600 where there is a big black spot on the viewfinder somehow. I tried blowing everywhere with the rocketblower and couldn't get it out. I too will hope they take care of it when I send it in for cleaning.

wombat and chill,

Ok I guess that's what you get when you pay for a pro lens, you don't have to look for the loose warranty card in the box, they tuck it in for you in the manual. After calling Nikon and finding out about the history of the lens I figured its a new unit but still the dust in the lens bothers me.

Chill - same thing here, I tried blowing it out with a rocketblower and it didn't move.

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