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Nice enough but unconvincing and expensive

I bought an x-e1 from hong kong before they were available in the UK and couldnt wait to get my hands on what seemed to be the ultimate in quality and value mirrorless cameras and was left unimpressed after a few months of usage.

What i liked

the way aperture and shutter speed A, S and M are selected - so intuitive, should be this way on all cameras

focal length and speed of the prime lenses available as well as the price

LCD display, sharp and useful

looks cool

great build quality

What i didnt

size - always seemed slightly too big

good 16MP camera but the images arent really any better than a traditional (and much cheaper) equivalent - although prices have plummeted recently

clunky focus point selection

although praised for its EVF i found it too low resolution, too laggy and if the eye wasnt seated absolutely perfectly (which didnt feel natural) then it always appeared distorted and out of focus, also with a funny colour cast, i guess i have nothing to compare it with but i found it poor to use and avoided it unless i had to use it

useless for anything vaguely approaching action shooting, AF (as of the end of January 2013) just wasnt quick enough, any vague action rendered it useless as an image capture system

odd processed look to images. Even in RAW the files can sometimes look like they have been tampered with

unusual aberrations at some apertures (around f/3.5 on the 35mm and around f/2.8 on the 18mm) seemed like strong sagittal aberration horrible smeary looking towards the edges in some shots


I got some good pictures with the x-e1 but there were too many misses the camera is frustrating to use quickly if you like to move focus points but quick if you just rely on the center point. Lenses are relatively cheap compared to other systems but as a lens / camera package approaching £1000 i just dont think it offers enough, the images aren't unique (such as with the flawed but amazing sigma cameras) mirrorless is executed better elsewhere and there are question marks about how the camera processes even RAW images. I sold mine, its the shortest period of time I've ever owned a camera. a lot to like but more to dislike

Fujifilm X-E1
16 megapixels • 2.8 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Sep 6, 2012
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