Refillable cartridges for the Epson 4900

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Re: Refillable cartridges for the Epson 4900

TonyGamble wrote:

My guess is that your problem is with the cartridges.

Everyone (well nearly) swears by Cone around here.

I bought a set of Cone ink and a set of cartridges for my R2400. My experience was a chapter of disasters. A search would find the thread if you wanted to share my horrors - but I can't think you do. I had floods. I had blockages.

In the end I went back to OEM and the machine was as good as new.

Cone and I ended up by agreeing that my R2400 was simply too old and inadequately maintained. Not their fault of course but a total waste of money on my part.

Most (I dare not say all) refillable third party cartridges are attempts to copy the originals without infringing the patents. Read into that what you will - but if they did not work as well as the OEM ones it could be the reason.

Not much help to you I am afraid. Sorry.


Thanks for that Tony, I was looking at the Cone system but when I factored in the delivery delays the taxes etc I rather got put off despite their undeniable reputation. It must be helpful to be part of a community where you can pool purchases and share experiences.

I've done my first Power Clean and expended a lot of ink. Everything was fine afterward and the next day there were no clogs. I was hoping that a routine that shifted a large amount of ink might make sure that there was no longer a mixture of ink in the head and get rid of any clumps or air inclusions that there might be there which would explain the intermittent loss of whole colour channels. I will see how this pans out over the next week or so but I'm not about to do another power clean. I might as well just set light to fivers!

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