R3000: grease on the upper left corner of A3+ sheets (front load)

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R3000: grease on the upper left corner of A3+ sheets (front load)


I have to admit: I hate the R3000 front load tray for fine art sheets, but I prefer to use it in some cases for consistent papers because it's the right one (as per user guide instructions) and because by loading consistent paper via the sheet tray I have sometime got some slight dents in the load border.

Now, I hate this front loading procedure, and as engineer, I hate the Epson engineers that have not put a proper check stopping the printer when, for mistake, the print is launched and the tray is not properly pushed back after feeding the fine art sheet.

This is exactly what I have done:

I have pulled the tray, loaded the A3+ sheet, feed it, and then... damn to me, I forgot to push the tray back to the working position and I have launched a print.

The printer started to print without checking/knowing that the front load tray was not properly closed back again, I have heard a bad sound of a bent paper releasing itself inside the tray and other bad sounds including one similar to print heads scratching the paper. Then the printer stopped with an error. I shut down the printer, extracted the jammed paper and restarted the printer. After some noisy procedures the printer recovered itself apparently without issues.

Looking at the sheet I have seen an evident head strike sign on the sheet, but I have noticed the presence of something similar to transparent grease on the upper left corner and along the left border.

Now: the printer seems to print still fine, but the problem is that, every time I load a full size (A3+) sheet via the front tray, I get some quantity of this grease on the upper left corner of the sheet and this is disappointing.

Probably the bent paper, by releasing itself in a violent way, touched some greased part inside the printer and some grease now is gone somewhere in the extreme left side zone of the loading path for the A3+ size sheets.

It was my mistake, so I have only to blame myself, but do you have any suggestion/advice regarding this issue and how to resolve it or I have to send the printer to service? Do you have ever seen some grease on the paper corner? I'm the only one who made this stupid mistake?

Many thanks in advance for the attention, any answer will be appreciated, have a nice day.


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