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skyglider wrote:

BTW Jim,

Does the free version of Comodo have nag popups?


I think the only popups I've seen have been related to alerts, and you can just check a box to "not show this again" to eliminate those, too.

I'd just uninstall all existing AV protection, download the installer and run it using the defaults. This download:

It takes about 10 minutes to install, update it's definitions and perform a "Quick Scan". Then, reboot when prompted and you're done.

The only negative I remember about it's installer is that itt will want to change your search engine to Yahoo by default (one of the check boxes on it's installer screen, asking if you want to help Comodo by changing it).   That's a *very* minor thing compared to other installers wanting to install toolbars, etc. (heck, even Adobe is doing that anymore), as it's only asking about changing your default search engine instead.

Just uncheck the box for that purpose if you don't want the default search engine changed, and leave everything else at the defaults (leave the other boxes checked), and you should be "good to go".

I've been very impressed with Comodo products, as I was using their free Firewall along with Avira Antivir Premium and Threatfire for a long time.

I've now removed Avira and Threatfire and use Comodo by itself, moving to their free Internet Security product (instead of just their Firewall).

The latest Comodo 6.x products are better, since they don't require as much user intervention to work just fine for the vast majority of users (as previous versions were criticized as requiring too much work from users to respond to alerts, and Comodo has changed that behavior with newer versions, so it works just fine using it's defaults). Yet, you can still have more control via Advanced Settings if you want it.

I think you'll be very pleased with it.

BTW, the built in Firewall is also "top notch". See my post about it here for links to tests of it:

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