Wish Nikon gives us 2x crop on a D800/D800E/D600/D4 via a firmware upgrade

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Re: Wish Nikon gives us 2x crop on a D800/D800E/D600/D4 via a firmware upgrade

shaunly wrote:

shaunly wrote:

Again, you are misinterpreting Nikon cropping feature.

By your logic, when the camera uses this feat, it is disabling the outter portion if the sensor thus turning it into a DX/1.2X size sensor. This is absolutely INCORRECT.

The camera is still utilizing the ENTIRE 35mm sensor. All it's doing is cropping the OUTPUT files. Because it's still using the entire sensor, you are not loosing any DR or noise performance.

Please read into this before you give false information. If you actually own the camera, a simple test will reveal this.

Sorry, you are not correct. A crop is a crop. It is NOT using the outer portion of the sensor when you set it for a crop mode. It's not a downsize or a binning operation. It's a crop and it is not using the outer portion of the sensor at all. So a 2.0x crop mode, reduces the size of the sensor area used to about the same as a micro four thirds sensor.

I don't know where you're getting your information. It works the same as the crop mode on the D2X or the crop mode on the D7100. There's nothing unique to the crop mode on the D800 except that it starts with such high number of pixels that it still has a decent number of pixels left when doing a 1.5x crop (~15MP).

I can guarantee you that the DR and noise will look the same whether I shoot at 1.5X or full frame. Do you really need me to post samples to show you?

100% view will look the same (they are the same pixels after all - just cut out of the center).  But they won't be the same if they are magnified to the exact same output size.

Why do you think DX sensors have worse noise characteristics than FX sensors.  Compare a D7100 to a D800.  When you shoot with the whole D800 sensor it has much better noise performance than the D7100.  There's nothing magical about the D800 sensor vs. the D7100 sensor.  It's just that the D800 sensor is more than twice the area so it captures more than twice the light so it has more than twice the signal-to-noise ratio (resulting in lower visible noise).  When you crop the image (and subsequently magnify the now smaller image to the same output size), you lose that signal-to-noise advantage.

Take a look at this chart that shows DR for lots of different sensors, including crop modes.

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