Pardon the OT, but DPR M4/3 Forum posts and replies, my take

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Re: Pardon the OT, but DPR M4/3 Forum posts and replies, my take

efg40 wrote:

I buy an egg. I plan to scramble it. I share my joy on an egg forum and ask for recipes. I get the following responses:

1. What a stupid question. Take a cooking class.

2. You should have bought pancake mix instead. I hate eggs.

3. Don't you realize eggs are high in cholesterol you fat pig?

4. Only morons scramble eggs. You must fry them over easy and here's how.....

5. I am going to complain because I only want to hear about hard-boiled eggs.

6. Why are you posting this in an egg forum? We are only supposed to discuss the egg itself, not cooking them.

7. I raise my own chickens, so you are all idiots.

8. Excellent decision! I scramble my eggs too! I like to add a little milk and butter.

OP- Um thanks #8.

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