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Sho-Bud wrote:

Can you tell me if the lens cap is completely dust proof? I'm always carrying my XZ-1 in the pocket of my jacket, and would like to know if dust can go between the gaps. Also, if ther is pressure on the lens cap, will it bend and touch the lens?


Frankly I think the dust-proof matter has been flogged to death in earlier posts since a lot seem to be bothered by that. Of course by the nature of these auto-caps where the three segments auto open there simply has to be a very tiny gap where each segment meets.. but taking what I think is a more practical line of thought. I'm sure there is just as much chance of SOME dust getting onto the lens whether you have one of these caps on or not. The lens IS exposed anyway on every occasion you have the camera in use - it's arguable as to whether there is more dust in your pocket..if there is any chance of that, you shouldn't be putting it in a pocket then !!
I believe many put the camera in a plastic bag when put away in a pocket so that might be the best answer possible - it's certainly a lot better than going crazy worrying over dust getting in with an auto-cap I'm sure.

As to benduing to touch the lens..I'd not think so.  The cap blades are quite a little distance from the surface of the retracted lens.. I'm sure it's hardly feasible that any pressure on the blades would touch the lens.. AGAIN though..are you going to be that disrespectful of your camera as to let it be subect to any unnecessary force on the front surface of the cap to give that problem !!

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