Wish Nikon gives us 2x crop on a D800/D800E/D600/D4 via a firmware upgrade

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Re: Wish Nikon gives us 2x crop on a D800/D800E/D600/D4 via a firmware upgrade

shaunly wrote:

Again, you are misinterpreting Nikon cropping feature.

By your logic, when the camera uses this feat, it is disabling the outter portion if the sensor thus turning it into a DX/1.2X size sensor. This is absolutely INCORRECT.

The camera is still utilizing the ENTIRE 35mm sensor. All it's doing is cropping the OUTPUT files. Because it's still using the entire sensor, you are not loosing any DR or noise performance.

Please read into this before you give false information. If you actually own the camera, a simple test will reveal this.

I don't understand what you are saying the difference is between disabling the outer portion of the sensor and throwing it away in post...they result in an identical file!

You are correct that a file cropped in post would have identical characteristics as one done by the camera.

However, if you compare an image using the full frame at the same magnification as one taken from the cropped center (essentially magnifying the cropped version x2 compared to the full frame), the one taken full frame will have less visible noise since the noise is less magnified.

Less noise means the shadows will be less noisy and thus the full frame version will have a greater ability to pull the shadows (i.e. slightly more DR).

But if you are focal length limited (small birds), and are thus considering an identical crop from both at 100%, the results will be identical using crop mode or the full frame. All you would lose in crop mode is you would lose some flexibility in post to change the composition of the image.

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