DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

thelordsmurf wrote:

To be entirely honest the hierarchical keywords thing isn't as much for Flickr publishing as it is for search functionality.

For instance, I'd actually prefer it if not all keyword levels get published to the file (either flat IPTC or XMP). I have a structure right now like:

Photo Type



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So I don't want the IPTC to have the keyword tag Photo Type, but do want Water, Waterfalls, Ocean, etc. I think one of the nicest things about IDImager was that I could individually choose which keyword gets published to the IPTC/XMP. The photo type header was more a way for me to be able to search my photos quickly (Oh I need a water picture, let's search for keyword water). On Flickr I'd prefer that both water and waterfall show up so I guess I'd want both to be published to the IPTC to get read by Flickr.

I just want a program that makes the process to go from images to Flickr/email faster and easy. My friends are waiting on photos from trips 3 years ago! Without GPS Supreme just isn't my choice. Looks like Lightroom and Zoner are worth they try, though does anyone out there know how Zoner deals with hierarchical in XMP as per fuego's comment?



Zoner does NOT do anything with XMP... I checked this yesterday just for fun by writing out some keywords in Zoner Iie: People -> Family -> Jill - went to photo supreme and checked the IPTC and XMP - IPTC keywords had: Family, Jill, People (not exactly good).. and there is NO XMP data written out to dc:subject nor any other XMP schema.   So - at the moment, I would say Zoner is out.

Just for fun again, I added an existing hierarchical keyword in Supreme to the image: Object->Ball->Red and sync'd the metadata.  Supreme correctly shows: ball for the ITPC keyword and the dc:subject shows Object|Ball|Red (aOK) - the XMP scheme for idimager also shows the GUID and keywords so all looks good.

I then went back to Zoner and repulled in the keywords from the image... what I got was a single keyword: Red.. not cool....  so, zoner cannot read XMP either.. it is relying soley on the IPTC keywords.  I also imported an image that had the hierarchy filed within the ITPC subject field... what I got was a single new keyword: Animals|Dog|Mutt - not good.

So.. until Zoner can handle XMP read/write and assign true hierarchy out of the catalog - its a non useful program for me.  Having said that - it still is a very good image viewer/editor and non-hierarchical catalog program.

LR still wins ... the build in GPS is really good... still no clue as to why Idimager is taking the stand they are against adding it to the program.  I'm all for using multiple software - but GPS is basic stuff these days and should be a feature included in it in my opinion.

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